Service Portfolio

We Have Solutions for All Your General Claims


First response and general claims advisors in the whole of Spain to P&I insurers and Ship Owners, Charterers and all others involved in the shipping and transport chain. Our services reflect the needs of these parties, and include particularly the following:


Loss and damage surveys
Draft surveys loading & discharge controls
Salvage, abandonment & destruction


Collisions/Vessel damage
Condition & pre-entry surveys
On / off-hire & bunker surveys
Pollutions & fines 


Crew illness, injury and death
Stowaways, including repatriations and political asylum applications
Passenger/third party claims
Hospitalisation, medical cost control

We also provide general services to the P&I and H&M yachting insurance industry and also to yacht owners direct, including the following:


Fines/breaches of port regulations
Legal proceedings & recovery claims
Damages to port installations property freight disputes
Letters of Undertaking / guarantees
FDD & FFO claims


Crew illness, injury and death, evaquations
Passenger/third party claims
Hospitalisation, medical costs control
Fines/maritime breaches



We offer services in the whole of Spain, throughout all Spanish ports including those in the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

We are also able to provide services in Portugal and Gibraltar through our network of highly-qualified and experienced surveyors, engineers and other service providers.

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